Troubleshooting during installation

Problems with CORS on the web based applications (webapp, team-settings, account-pages)

If you have installed wire-server, but the web application page in your browser has connection problems and throws errors in the console such as “Refused to connect to ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policies”, make sure to check that you have configured the CSP_EXTRA_ environment variables.

In the file that you use as override when running helm install/update -f <override values.yaml> (using the webapp as an example):

   # ... other settings...
     # ... other environment variables ...
     CSP_EXTRA_CONNECT_SRC: "https://*, wss://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_IMG_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_SCRIPT_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_DEFAULT_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_FONT_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_FRAME_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_MANIFEST_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_OBJECT_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_MEDIA_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_PREFETCH_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_STYLE_SRC: "https://*"
     CSP_EXTRA_WORKER_SRC: "https://*"

For more info, you can have a look at respective charts values files, i.e.:

Problems with ansible and python versions

If for instance the following fails:

ansible all -i hosts.ini -m shell -a "echo hello"

If your target machine only has python 3 (not python 2.7), you can tell ansible to use python 3 by default, by specifying ansible_python_interpreter:

# hosts.ini

server1 ansible_host=


(python 3 may not be supported by all ansible modules yet)

Flaky issues with Cassandra (failed QUORUMs, etc.)

Cassandra is very picky about time! Ensure that NTP is properly set up on all nodes. Particularly for Cassandra DO NOT use anything else other than ntp. Here are some helpful blogs that explain why:

How can I ensure that I have correctly setup NTP on my machine(s)? Have a look at this ansible playbook

I deployed the demo-smtp but I’m not receiving any verification emails

  1. Check whether brig deployed successfully (brig pod(s) should be in state Running)

    kubectl get pods -o wide
  2. Inspect Brig logs

    kubectl logs $BRING_POD_NAME
  3. The receiving email server might refuse to accept any email sent by the demo-smtp server, due to not being a trusted origin. You may want to set up one of the following email verification mechanisms.

  1. You may want to adjust the SMTP configuration for Brig (wire-server/[values,secrets].yaml).

      host: 'demo-smtp'
      port: 25
      connType: 'plain'
    smtpPassword: dummyPassword

(Don’t forget to apply the changes with helm upgrade wire-server wire/wire-server -f values.yaml -f secrets.yaml)