2022-05-23 - wire.com website outage

Last updated: 2022-05-25

On Monday, 2022-05-23 the Wire website wire.com was affected by an outage of our hosting provider.

This outage concerns only wire.com website and none of the services provided by Wire.


06:00: wire.com being down was detected by the Security Team
06:46: Our Hosting Provider was informed about wire.com being down
07:03: Our Hosting Provider initiated a server restart to mitigate
07:08: Restart of wire.com server failed due to problems on hypervisor (no additional details provided by upstream provider)
07:23: We changed the DNS record for wire.com to an old backup to restore basic functionality
10:30: Our Hosting Provider restored wire.com server
11:20: Our Hosting Provider informed us that the recent version of wire.com is reliably available again
12:02: We reverted the DNS changes, to point back to the recent version of wire.com

Are Wire installations affected?

Wire/wire-server was not affected by wire.com website outage.