How to set up SSO integration with your IdP


  • An account with your SAML IdP, admin access to that account

  • Wire team, admin access to that team

  • If your team is hosted at
    • Ask customer support to enable the SSO feature flag for you.

  • If you are running your own on-prem instance:
    • for handling the feature flag, you can run your own backoffice service.

    • More simply, you can configure the galley service so that sso is always enabled (just put “enabled-by-default” here).

Setting up your IdP

How you need to use this information during setting up your IdP depends on the vendor. Let us know if you run into any trouble!


The team settings will show you a login code from us that looks like eg.

> wire-959b5840-3e8a-11e9-adff-0fa5314b31c0

See on how to use this to login on wire.