4. ElasticSearch migration instructions for release 2021-02-16

Release 2021-02-16 of wire-server requires an update of the ElasticSearch index of brig. During the update the team member search in TeamSettings will be defunct.

The update is triggered automatically on upgrade by the elasticsearch-index-create and brig-index-migrate-data jobs. If these jobs finish sucessfully the update is complete.

4.1. Troubleshooting

In case the elasticsearch-index-create job fails this document describes how to create a new index.

The index that brig is using is defined at brig.config.elasticsearch.index of the wire-server chart. We will refer to its current setting as <OLD_INDEX>.

  1. Choose a new index name that is different from <OLD_INDEX>. We will refer to this name as <NEW_INDEX>.

  2. Upgrade the release with these config changes:

    • Set brig.config.elasticsearch.additionalWriteIndex to <NEW_INDEX>

    • Set elasticsearch-index.elasticsearch.additionalWriteIndex to <NEW_INDEX> and wait for completion.

  3. Upgrade the release again with these config changes:

    • Unset brig.config.elasticsearch.additionalWriteIndex

    • Unset elasticsearch-index.elasticsearch.additionalWriteIndex

    • Set brig.config.elasticsearch.index to <NEW_INDEX>

    • Set elasticsearch-index.elasticsearch.index to <NEW_INDEX>