12. Refactoring galley to support large conversations

To be able to suppport large conversations galley needs refactoring. This section in the developer docs is meant to contain useful references for this endeavor.

12.1. Call hierarchy

See large-conversations.yaml for call hierarchy of functions that load the full member list into memory.

12.2. Galley Endpoints

These are all the endpoints in galley with response types that contain the full member list of conversations.

In the ConversationAPI:

For type Conversation:

  • get-unqualified-conversation

  • get-unqualified-conversation-legalhold-alias

  • get-conversation@v2

  • get-conversation

  • get-mls-self-conversation

For type ConversationList Conversation

  • get-conversations

For type ConversationsResponse:

  • list-conversations@v1

  • list-conversations@v2

  • list-conversations

For type ConversationResponse:

  • create-group-conversation@v2

  • create-group-conversation@v3

  • create-one-to-one-conversation@v2

  • create-one-to-one-conversation

For type CreateGroupConversationResponse:

  • create-group-conversation

  • create-self-conversation@v2

  • create-self-conversation@v2

  • create-self-conversation

For type Wire.API.Event.Conversation.Event (EventData might contain a Conversation object, but it’s not clear from API type alone if it contains one)

  • add-members-to-conversation-unqualified

  • add-members-to-conversation-unqualified2

  • add-members-to-conversation

  • join-conversation-by-id-unqualified

  • join-conversation-by-code-unqualified

  • create-conversation-code-unqualified

  • remove-code-unqualified

  • remove-member-unqualified

  • update-conversation-name-deprecated

  • update-conversation-name-unqualified

  • update-conversation-name

  • update-conversation-message-timer-unqualified

  • update-conversation-message-timer

  • update-conversation-receipt-mode

  • update-conversation-access-unqualified

  • update-conversation-access@v2

  • update-conversation-access

In the MLSAPI:

  • mls-commit-bundle returns a MLSMessageSendingStatus which contains list of Event, as well a list of unreachable users.

  • mls-message-v1 and mls-message returns list of Event

The MessagingAPI (Proetus) is not listed here, assuming that Proteus conversations won’t support large conversations.