Server and team feature settings

Features can be enabled or disabled on a team level or server wide. Here we will only cover the server wide configuration.

When a feature’s lock status is unlocked it means that its settings can be overridden on a team level by team admins. This can be done via the team management app or via the team feature API and is not covered here.

2nd factor password challenge

By default Wire enforces a 2nd factor authentication for certain user operations like e.g. activating an account, changing email or password, or deleting an account.

If the sndFactorPasswordChallenge feature is enabled, a 6 digit verification code will be send per email to authenticate for additional user operations like e.g. for login, adding a new client, generating SCIM tokens, or deleting a team.

Usually the default is what you want. If you explicitly want to enable additional password challenges, add the following to your Helm overrides in values/wire-server/values.yaml:

  # ...
    # ...
      # ...
        # ...
            status: enabled
            lockStatus: locked

Note that the lock status is required but has no effect, as it is currently not supported for team admins to enable or disable sndFactorPasswordChallenge. We recommend to set the lock status to locked.