Block personal user creation

In Brig

There are some unauthenticated end-points that allow arbitrary users on the open internet to do things like create a new team. This is desired in the cloud, but if you run an on-prem setup that is open to the world, you may want to block this.

Brig has a server option for this:

  setRestrictUserCreation: true

If setRestrictUserCreation is true, creating new personal users or new teams on your instance from outside your backend installation is impossible. (If you want to be more technical: requests to /register that create a new personal account or a new team are answered with 403 forbidden.)

On instances with restricted user creation, the site operator with access to the internal REST API can still circumvent the restriction: just log into a brig service pod and run the curl commands like hack/bin/ does it. (Running the script is also an option: this will give you a team with a random admin account, and you can use that account to give yourself access under the desired credentials.)


Once the creation of new users and teams has been disabled, it will still be possible to use the team creation process (enter the new team name, email, password, etc), but it will fail/refuse creation late in the creation process (after the «Create team» button is clicked).

In the WebApp

Another way of disabling user registration is by this webapp setting, in values.yaml, changing this value from true to false:



If you only disable the creation of users in the webapp, but do not do so in Brig/the backend, a malicious user would be able to use the API to create users, so make sure to disable both.