Cryptographic Libraries and Sources of Randomness

The wire-server system has a number of different cryptography building blocks, and uses a number of different sources for randomness. This is a list of these sources and how they are used; it may or may NOT be complete.

  • nginx/nginz uses openssl for HTTPS server logic.

  • HsOpenSSL is a wrapper around openssl, which is uses for HTTPS client logic.

  • scrypt for password hashing

  • polysemy-wire-zoo has an effect for randomness (Wire.Sem.Random)

  • scim access tokens

  • rust libraries for proteus, mls, e2eid

The following libraries that can be found on (It would probably be nice to drop some of these dependencies and replace them by others.)

  • cryptobox-haskell

  • cryptohash-md5

  • cryptohash-sha1

  • cryptonite

  • HaskellNet-SSL

  • HsOpenSSL

  • http-client-openssl

  • http-client-tls

  • network-conduit-tls

  • Network.Wire.Bot.Crypto

  • Network.Wire.Bot.Crypto.Glue

  • scrypt

  • sodium-crypto-sign

  • ssl-util

  • tls

  • warp-tls