Redirecting email domains from cloud (or any other backend) to a custom backend

This feature is mostly for the operators of, but in principle it is applicable to any custom backend operator who has running backoffice/stern deployed and wants to redirect to other backends for login based on the user’s email domain.

If you are hosting your own custom backend, there is a way to allow users to login by getting redirected from a more visible backend (usually based on the email address associated with their account. As the redirect target operator, you need to know your domain, a URL under which clients can retrieve a json file to set themselves up to talk to your backend, and a welcome URL that is the redirect target. Then you need to ask the operators of the redirecting backend to set up their instance accordingly.

The data required is stored in cassandra table galley.custom_backend, and consists of the domain to be re-routed, a URL under which the client can retrieve a config URL, and a welcome URL. You could just use cqlsh to maintain this table, but there is a more convenient way.

The wire backoffice aka stern allows customer support to perform some of the tasks otherwise done by the site operators, like blocking and unblocking users or teams, extract billing information from the system, or investigating customer support tickets.

Stern supports maintaining that table with a simple CRUD interface under the path "sso-domain-redirect".

Where do I find my config URL and welcome URL as a redirect target?